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A place of rest and relaxation, along with crazy adventure and lot of magic. Welcome to the Eabha Estate, home of the Otts, please make yourself comfortable and may RPing commence.
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 The Second Floor Directory:

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PostSubject: The Second Floor Directory:   Tue May 04, 2010 8:15 am

As you travers the halls in the Eabha Estate, you'll find the second floor devoted to extended family members and also guest. Once agian we would like to remind our visitors to respect the privacy of our guests as well as treat everyone they come across with politness. The varied of events that pass through these halls, may deter all but the most bravest of souls, but don't let that stop you from interacting with those who have invited you into this part of the house. Lastly, at times you'll find hidden room and passageways, don't be so shocked, most the older homes have them.


Wolf and Lena's Bedroom:

Wolf and Lena's Washroom:

Lani's Bedroom:

Lani's Washroom:

Guest Bedroom 1:

Washroom for Bedrooms 1 & 2:

Guest Bedroom 2:

Guest Bedroom 3:

Washroom for Bedrooms 3 & 4:

Guest Bedroom 4:

Upstairs Library:

Main Washroom:
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The Second Floor Directory:
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