The Ott Mansion

A place of rest and relaxation, along with crazy adventure and lot of magic. Welcome to the Eabha Estate, home of the Otts, please make yourself comfortable and may RPing commence.
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 Main Floor Directory:

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PostSubject: Main Floor Directory:   Tue Apr 27, 2010 3:13 am

Welcome to the Eabha Estate, home of the Ott's, Eabha is celtic for life, and within these walls there is indeed life. We hope you will find your stay enjoyable in our home, it is a rather large home and sometimes it's easy to get lost in it. For the convenience and ease of our guest we have provided directories on each floor.

The Otts are a gifted bunch and as you traverse these halls you may see things that are out of the ordinary. Things floating in the air, fireballs exploding, things you hear in children tales, and whispered only at bed time. There are many a varied and strange guest who enter through these halls, please treat everyone with dignity and politeness that you come across.

Oh and one more thing, should you come across any dragons, don't feed them, they find it demeaning.

Main Floor Directory:


Living Room:




In House Tavern:

Formal Dining Room:


Back Porch And Patio:
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Main Floor Directory:
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