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 Birth announcement for Sima and Lilly

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PostSubject: Birth announcement for Sima and Lilly   Sun Jul 04, 2010 8:19 pm

This was posted 21 April, 1457 (in the Glen), at 10:39 (game time)

Quote :
It is my greatest pleasure to announce:

Twin girls have been born to Charlesott and Angelrose.

Born today in An tInbhear Mor (ATM), Laighean, Ireland

Lilli Andria was born at 0358

Sima Ronda was born at 0415

Beautiful little girls. Healthy.

And VERY much loved.

Congratulations to the Otts

This second announcement with details of the birth were posted the next day by Charles:

Quote :
so, Lilli was born at 0358 and is big sister to Sima at 0415

Present at the birth:

Charles (Charlesott)
Angel (Angelrose)
Mary (Maryanda)
Jas (Jasmnth)
Angelz (Angelzonly)
Nik (Nik76)

Birth place: New-some, Two-some tavern
An tImbhear Mor, Laighean, Ireland

Reason: Mayor Charles and his wife had stopped in to chat.

Names: Lilli Andria and Sima Ronda

Big sister Cait will be so surprised.

Mary delivered first child. Charles the second with Mary�s help.

Both were greeted in the traditional way. Of song and kisses.

Then were introduced to the world by ceremony of the winds and earth.

Welcome to the world.


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Birth announcement for Sima and Lilly
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