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A place of rest and relaxation, along with crazy adventure and lot of magic. Welcome to the Eabha Estate, home of the Otts, please make yourself comfortable and may RPing commence.
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 A Place with No Name ...

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Sima Ronda

Sima Ronda

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PostSubject: A Place with No Name ...   Wed Sep 01, 2010 3:23 pm

She walked & walked away from the house till she reached the sea shore where she sat down curled up & leaning her chin on her knees .... Just enjoying the fresh iodized breeze of the sea as she drowned in her sadness & dark thoughts ...

Losing Lilli was like a stab in her back ... She felt so much hurt & loss , she was broken in half now & one of these halves is lost maybe forever .... No word arrived on how or where her sister had vanished ... So many nights she spent calling on her ... seeking her in every possible way , physically & mentally .... It wasn't only her who sought the lost lass ... Her mom & dad were doing their best as well but to no avail ...

It was like she had never existed ... the only thing that was left was the little Lilli , who was a mix of joy & torture for the entire family .... Seeing her there & knowing they will eventually lose her was a real dismay .... Specially for Sima , who got really attached to the little ones & even discovered she's sharing a strong bond with her little self ...

Sighing as she reached this point she knew she can't take it anymore ... all this pain & hurt was just too much for her & she needs to get away as soon as she can , doesn't matter where or how .... She just NEEDS to get away as soon as she can ...
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A Place with No Name ...
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