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A place of rest and relaxation, along with crazy adventure and lot of magic. Welcome to the Eabha Estate, home of the Otts, please make yourself comfortable and may RPing commence.
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PostSubject: Letters   Tue Aug 10, 2010 8:04 pm

Another quiet evening passed finding Grace settled at the Angels Arms in Lios Mor, her journal propped open on her lap as she enjoyed a mug of ale and a bit of good company. Though war lay only a few days to the east and many stood in waiting for the call to march, it would not have been obvious as smiles and laughter filled the inn with an air of contentment. There was, however, a shadow of knowing lying just beneath the surface. Taking another sip of ale as a lesson in dancing began, Grace put quill to parchment and began her letter.

Quote :
My Dearest Caity and Rose,

Hello, Loves! I received all of your pictures today, and each of them brought a smile to my face. I long to be there with you both even more now as the days stretch onward. I cannot tell when, but we will see each other again soon. I will have lots of new stories to tell you as well. Until then, I pray that you enjoy your time with your cousins.



Quote :

Thank you for your letters. I was wary of sending the girls away, yet you seem to have things well in hand. The Weald, in any case, is safer for them than our home, which has been groaning under plague and threats of dark magic. When things have settled here and our home in Imleach is prepared, I shall send for them.

When last we spoke, you asked of my coming for a visit. I regret that for now I am unable. Our borders were attacked and our allies slaughtered under the guise of peace. For now I must remain as all willing and able bodies are required to protect our home. Yet, I will admit that meeting Angelrose and the others frightens me. With all that has happened I do not feel capable of coping with another awkward meeting.

Please keep in touch...

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