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A place of rest and relaxation, along with crazy adventure and lot of magic. Welcome to the Eabha Estate, home of the Otts, please make yourself comfortable and may RPing commence.
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 Charle's Secret Plan

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PostSubject: Charle's Secret Plan   Sat May 29, 2010 8:58 pm

Ever since Cait had come to live with him something had changed for Charles, he used to sleep very soundly but after she came to live with him he heard everything at night. It seemed that things amplified in recent days with becoming a father to newborn twins and having Alysa come and live with them. Charles could tell you who was walking about in the house, why they were walking, where they were going to. While he was dreaming he also had a part of his mind that knew Alysa's bedroom door had opened and she'd gone into Cait's room to wake her up. Charles did not do anything but lay there for a few moments as he came out of his dream, and listened, Alysa did not go back to her room and he had a feeling she was up to something, so he listened. Charles decided that if they were going to be sneaky tonight, he'd let them, but that he'd also play along with them too, he was going pull a prank on the two of them. For the moment though Charles continued to wait and see what they would do as he thought of a few differnt plans and debated weather or not to wake Angel or Sim to help him, or even Val.
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Charle's Secret Plan
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